Friday, May 30, 2008

Shine On...

I am amazed at a new trend I see happening all around us. Perhaps it's partly due to the warmer weather. Perhaps it's also because Hollywood and the media have tried to play up how "sexy" it is. But, I tend to think it's like the fashion of horizontal stripes: not everyone should wear it.

Men of all ages and all backgrounds are shaving their heads. Some leave a little stubble. Most shave it clean.

Like I said, it does definitely suit some men. Men that are dark and broad and muscular can usually pull it off the best.

I understand some find it more appealing than a big widow's peak or a bald spot in back. And I will hands-down vote that it's more attractive than the "wrap around", where men grow out the front side of their hair long, then wrap it around in a circle to try to conceal missing hair.

Some men would be better to just keep what's left short. Young men, especially, that are very lean and not particularly muscular should heed this advice.

I certainly don't expect men to run out and get wigs. But I think that just shaving it all off is a little rash, too.

In fact, men get away with a lot that is rather unappealing on many of them. For example, is it necessary for us to see a bald man with his shirt off, revealing a hairy back and "man boobs"? Do they have no shame? Do they have no vanity?

Many women wouldn't leave the house without lipstick on. In the more exclusive communities, moms wear baseball hats with highlighted pony tails hanging out the back. Women adore finery, jewelry and beautiful shoes. We would not be caught DEAD in a grungy pair of jeans, no shirt with a hairy back and BALD head, to boot.

I hope this is a trend that is short-lived. However, I have a funny feeling that it's got some life in it. And like the antithesis of the "hair bands" of the 80's, it will keep going until fashion says they just must stop.

"Bald is Beautiful" is not a button I'll likely be wearing anytime soon. Here's hoping that the Mr. Clean/Kojak look "grow out", too.

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ThePrincessMommy said...

I agree - on dark muscular men, bald looks pretty good - then again Antonio Banderas is a dark muscular man and he looks pretty good with hair.