Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cinderella Fingers & Toes

The night before last, my middle child, who now goes by "Emma," and I got on our hands and knees (and stomachs and bottoms) and SCRUBBED the kitchen floor. This was no small feat, considering at some point in the past we had inadvertently taken off the finish of the linolium, leaving behind a yucky, tacky finish which attracted dirt like moths to a flame.

We had buckets of clean water and buckets of "chemical" water. We had about 20 rags we alternated through, so as to always have a clean one. We had scrub brushes and even a razor blade to take off scotch tape from various craft projects that had fallen face down on the floor, and just stayed there.

We scrubbed corners and baseboards and even inside the pantry (ick). We were like archiologists going through the sedament of our family's kitchen, finding playdough spots, paint spots and jelly dabs.

Just to clarify- we did and do sweep and mop our floors on a somewhat regular basis. But, with the finish all but gone, we were basically just stirring around the dirt and getting it wet. So, we spent the better part of our Sunday night trying to get it back to "clean".

Then dear hubby came behind with some sort of sealer that made the floor shine and sealed in all our hard work. We were quite proud.

While "Emma" and I were scrubbing and hubby was mopping, dear "Keith" and "Amy" were playing (aka: fighting) with the Wii. Keith would complain that Amy wasn't doing it "right". Amy would complain that Keith wouldn't let her play. On it went as a background track for our cleaning.

Hubby, Emma and I got very tired of the Wii people whining. They were playing, while we were working. Several times we offered to let them help us. Oh, no. They were fine playing the Wii, thank you.

Afterwards, our floors looked great. In fact, I can't remember them looking better!

The next day, Emma and I rewarded ourselves with a manicure for Emma and a pedicure for me.

I have only ever had one manicure- and never a pedicure. I am so ticklish on my feet, I wasn't sure it would be a pleasurable experience. But with Summer sandals begging to be worn, I needed to have my toes ready to be seen.

Emma chose three colors for her fingers. They soaked her little hands in warm water, then put various solutions on her finger tips and rubbed her hands and arms. She looked quite cozy and pampered.

I chose a fairly neutral color for my toes, still unsure how the whole thing was going to pan out. I put my feet into the warm tub of water that stirred and allowed the fragrant soak to waft up and smell wonderful. The technition came and began taking care of each foot alternately. He tended to each toe, as though it were of the ultimate importance that it in itself should be stunning.

When he began scrubbing off the yucky stuff on the bottom of my feet, I squirmed in my chair. It was not comfortable, as my ticklish nature wouldn't allow me to sit still. The technition graciously laughed along with me, and then moved on to something else.

I glanced over at Emma, who was obviously enjoying her experience. Then the technition began massaging my feet and legs. I have never been able to stand being touched on my legs or feet, due to my ticklishness. But I had relaxed enough that I was able to thoroughly enjoy the whole thing.

He took great care painting each toe with my selected color, until they shown Raspberry Sorbet. Emma looked fairly drunk with pleasure, too.

It was quite the reward for a job well done. I can totally understand people's infatuation with manicures and pedicures. And I also see why manicures and pedicures are considered to be one of the ultimate "girlie pampering" experiences.

I don't know that it will ever be a regular ocurrance, with standing appointment with a favorite technition. But, it will certainly be a fun ocassional activity for very special times.

And, for now, Emma and I feel very much like Cinderella, who after hard work at home, got to sparkle and dazzel at the ball.

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Mmmmm - manicures and pedicures and facials - oh my!! You two deserved it!!