Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Toy Commune

After talking with some friends last night, I was amazed at how different we all are. I have mentioned before that my cleaning skills lack a little something. But I had no idea how far off I really was!

I have friends, which for the sake of our friendships will remain nameless. But for simple identification purposes they will go by their initials: Jill and Kristy.

These two went into detail about the storage of their children's toys that was nothing short of awe-inspiring. I never realized that baby doll clothes must not be stored with Bitty Baby clothes. Nor did I know that Barbie and Polly Pocket must stay in their own ergonomically sealed containers, never to touch or play together. But most of all, I had no idea that Little People were not allowed to be stored outside of their appropriate venues. For example, the School Little People are not allowed be stored outside of the school. The Fire House Little People must be stored in the Fire House.

However, the thing that made me have the most concern was when they both admitted to dressing the Barbies, Bitty Babies, Baby Dolls and various other toys in their "correct" clothes, making sure they were buttoned, zipped, and hair nicely combed--- after their children had gone to bed. What?????

1. I don't have any Bitty Babies.
2. Baby Doll clothes are stored in their own drawer in my child's dresser- not in their own Baby Doll dresser.
3. Barbie & Polly Pocket are relatives. They play together; They share accessories; And, they are stored together in a large plastic tote.
4. Little People are cute, but we never really owned enough to have to worry about them going back to their own houses.
5. If my kids don't care if Barbie is naked, why should I?

I mean, there should be order, but I am the complete antithesis of OCD when it comes to toy storage. If it's out of the floor, it's put away.

My friends have a system- a very intricate storage system, which I would need a doctorate and a special decoder ring just to understand. They get great satisfaction from neat, orderly play rooms. I get hives just thinking about trying to keep everything that clean.

I explained to them that while they "segregate" their toys, I prefer the kinder, gentler storage system. We have a toy "commune", where toys live together in peace and harmony. Creativity reigns supreme when our few Little People sit in a "school" while Barbie "teaches" and Polly Pocket picks up the "kids" in the "car rider lane" with the Army jeep. Bitty Baby and the baby dolls are in the "church nursery" while we play the piano for "service" and have play dough "hymnals".

Fortunately, we are all dear friends- really more like sisters. So they overlook my "weird" habits and I overlook theirs. We laugh with each other - not at each other. And, we love each other and our kids. Despite our toy storage delima, we have fun together...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Oaky - I don't actually dress the Barbies when Katie is in bed . . . just Bitty and her fellow sisters. I confess I am OCD enough that I cringe when I see the Bitty Baby outfit on a non American Girl doll. If my daughter knew that Build-A-Bear clothing fit Bitty Baby, and vice-versa, it would be just horrid!