Friday, April 4, 2008

Politically Un-Correct

I have just got to get something off of my chest. I am sick & tired of being "politically correct". This has been coming for a looooong time. But it really came to a head when I started hearing about this man in Oregon who is pregnant (because he's not really a "man"- he's a woman who wanted to be a man, but kept his/her reproductive organs implicitly to have a baby).

I was disturbed by this enough until, low and behold, Oprah practically threw them a baby shower on tv. Apparently, she is now not only one of the richest women in the world, a famous talk show host, and a savvy business woman. She has also swooped up the honor of getting to be this country's moral compass. "Well, Oprah said..." is how so many people today begin a sentence they are wanting to give credentials to.

Well, I'm hear to tell you: I'm tired of EVERYTHING being OK!!! And I'm tired of being judged for thinking that. And I'm tired of feeling like I need to "tread lightly" around "sensitive" subjects for fear of hurting someone's feelings, when really, THEY should be concerned and ashamed of their actions.

"It's not his fault he killed all those people and ate their eye balls; He was abused as a child." "He can't help that he raped that little girl and chopped her up in pieces; He was raped by his uncle." "We really shouldn't judge him for being a woman who got surgery to be a man but then got pregnant with his remaining female parts; We should marvel at the couple's marriage and love for each other and this baby."

Well, I'm here to say: People are responsible for themselves and their own actions.

If you kill someone, insanity is not a defense; it is a given. No one in the public sector kills for any other purpose than having at least a moment of insanity.

I'm all about "live & let live"- and if you want to fall in love with a man, woman or house plant, I really don't care. But you should not involve children with your lifestyle or preference or whatever it is.

This country was founded by people who didn't agree with what was going on in the world, so they left to find a better place. Then we had a tea party to renounce our allegiance with the old world with whom we did not agree. Then we even fought each other because we knew that making others do our bidding in the form of slavery was inhumane.

Since then, we have moved forward and made so many strides: medicine and technology has enabled us to save lives and have our quality of life be better than ever. Our ability to communicate makes the world smaller every day.

However, in our zest to accommodate everyone and "accept" all people, we have swung way too far in the wrong direction. Your "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is great- so long as it doesn't impede on my rights.

I'm frustrated with the ACLU who looks for reasons to sue people and companies who are not a minority. Why is it OK to have special government loans for minorities like African Americans or even women, but white, middle class men have a better shot at getting hit by a bus?

I'm tired of having to look around and whisper when I want to discipline my child in public for fear of it being misinterpreted as "abuse". Why can a crack addict have a premature, crack-addicted baby, cost the public tons of money, not even prove they are "clean", but be able to take home the baby. But when a loving, capable couple want to adopt said baby, they are denied, because of the "birth" parent's rights.

I hate that I pay for prisoners to watch cable television and have gyms when there are people in our town who can't afford the YMCA. Why does a prisoner get a roof over their heads & three square meals & free education & conjugal visits (for goodness sakes!) without having to work or shed one drop of sweat??? Why can't they have self-contained prisons, where they have to grow their own food & make their own clothes? Since when is it cruel & unusual punishment to have to work???? I have to work! Does that mean I can sue the government for impeding on my civil liberties?

There are sooooo many things that just do NOT make sense to me!!!! And the thing that scares me the most is that I have seen the candidates that have been presented to us that are supposed to lead our country forward in history. I don't have faith in any of them to help the country make moral decisions.

But I guess that's how the government was founded: It is not up to any politician, entertainer, newscaster, or any other entity to tell us what is "right" and what is "wrong". It is up to us to govern ourselves in these matters.

So, when we watch the television, look at the Internet, read the papers, or even talk to one another, it is up to us to discern and decide. We need ask the hard questions and talk with people we respect and admire and, I'm going to say it, PRAY! That's where the best discernment of all comes!

So, I hope you will not feel obligated to be silent if you disagree with the craziness of the world. Stand with me, speak your piece, and may God bless us all!