Friday, April 25, 2008

Fill 'er up

I hate to ask such an obvious question, but WHAT THE $#$%$$% IS UP WITH THE ^&&^%%^ GAS PRICES??????? I mean, we're at $3.50/gallon, for crying out loud! And it's supposed to go UP!

Why is noone having a sit in? Or a march? Or circulating a petition? Or going postal? Why are we all just saying "Oh my, look at that. I guess we just won't eat this week..."

And, since Gas controls just about every aspect of our lives, we are suddenly faced with grocery prices going up, clothing going up, everything going up, up, up!!! And the federal government's sollution is to give us tax money back to "stimulate the economy." Hey, I have an idea- why don't we find another fuel source???? Or tell those stupid oil hogs we won't be bullied by them???

As a mom, when my children are not sharing nicely, I put them in time out and take away privleges. I would think giving food and monetary support to countries with oil would be considered a privlege. And since we're having to make up our short falls in cash because of their oil prices, I think it's perfectly sensible to take those privleges away.

"Oh, but what about the poor, starving children who won't eat?" What about 'em? We're just a couple of dollars a gallon away from being poor, starving children ourselves!

My three kids are dying to fly in a plane. At this point, we can afford one of them to fly one way. While that is not entirely a bad proposition, I think Dept. of Children's Services would frown on that.

The way things are going, I'm truly deeply concerned about Christmas. Santa may only be able to fly half way around the world! If it comes down to it, I hope he skips over those stupid oil hogs!

Our fair city is sprouting up like mint in a garden. We have houses popping up like mushrooms overnight in every vacant square inch. And we have retail establishments and restaurants sprinkled throughout to accomodate said growth in population.

I wonder how long it will be before the market is affected by the stupid oil hogs, and goes belly-up? Certainly, I don't wish that for us, by any stretch of the imagination. But, how long can workers afford the transportation to and from stores and restaurants before we have to pay them more, or they just quit coming? And if they aren't working, how long will it be before the government starts feeling a huge strain on its purse strings to support them?

We sigh, whine, and make budget adjustments. But, really, why should we have to? We are a competitive market. We are one of the leaders in the world economy. We have invented the light bulb, peanut butter and Microsoft. Why can't we come up with a better fuel source???

For now, we watch for a dip in the gas prices and then rush the pumps. Here's hoping tomorrow will be better!

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ThePrincessMommy said...

Well, I KNOW that Target and Publix HAVE to be suffering since I am not there enough anymore! This whole thing has gotten out of hand. It affects the whole nation - the library, police, community events - you are sooo right - when will they stop this madness?