Monday, April 7, 2008

Knitting Makes Me Happy

Today I have been extra distracted because I have a new knitting project. I know that may not sound like great fun to some people. But to me, it is how I relax.

Some people exercise (a habit I wish I could aquire). Some people eat (a habit I am trying to break by knitting). Some people shop (can't afford it). Some people clean (don't want to). I like to craft. And my favorite relaxation craft at the moment is knitting.

There is something therapeutic in weaving the yarn into something beautiful. The needles get into a rhythm and I feel my shoulders relax. The yarn has color and texture, vibrant yet soft. It moves across my hands and my fingers as I knit and purl.

It does require some thought: in particular, counting. But even that has its own rhythm that makes my breathing deepen and my pulse slow.

But when I'm done, instead of having to take a shower, wish I hadn't eaten so much, hide bags from my husband or smell like Clorox, I have a beautiful creation. They are wonderful gifts or mementos for myself.

But, for now, I must go and begin my new project, so I can drift off peacefully to sleep when I'm done.

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