Friday, April 25, 2008

Mommy Madness

I was having a fat day. So, to offset that, I wore cute shoes, on which I received several compliments. I don't know if the shoes really camouflaged the tummy pooch. But at least my shoes were cute.

I've heard that whatever you want- a position, a certain dress size, to be happy, etc.- if you act that way, you'll get that way. I've been trying to act rich and like I have the metabolism of a 20 year old pregnant girl. So far, all I've gotten is cute shoes & fat.

Tonight I'm supposed to be having family night with my hubby & kids. Kid I ran away to a sleep over. Kid II is playing with friend across the street. Kid III is playing with friend next door. And, hubby is cutting grass. I am alone at my own party. But, at least I'm the coolest person here!

I wanted to go to dinner, but several High Schools are having prom tonight. So the likelihood of finding a table at any decent restaurant is pretty slim. I'm sure hubby will figure something out so as not to have to resort to my cooking. It really irks him when I make a mess in the kitchen. So I've been given free reign on making sandwiches or cereal. Casseroles or any involved main course have been banned. Which, really, is fine with me.

Since I usually am very social, sometimes it is nice to not have any noise or people pulling on me. But tonight, it feels rather isolating. I think, "Wow, ok. I could clean. I could knit. I could read. I could exercise. I could leave and go shop. I could craft. But what I really am craving is social interaction..." Why do we always want what we can't have??? If I wanted a quiet evening at home, we would be combing the city for some elusive item dear hubby was in search of, or at a dinner party with bad food.

So, for now, the dog and I sit as I type and listen to the weedeater outside. Anxious for change, yet unwilling to get up and do something about it.

Such is the Friday night of a mom who has been alone with three children all week long- running, barely having time to eat or bathe. Now that I have silence, it just seems too loud...

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ThePrincessMommy said...

We need to plan these things better - I have a full house!!!