Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bleeding Ears...

When I was growing up, my brother and I fought as easily as breathe. My mother would rationalize with us, plead with us, make ultimatums, and finally get mad. We knew we had crossed the line when she would announce: "You all are making my ears bleed!"

We thought this was humorous. We would giggle, and it would definitely lighten the mood.

She would also complain about "bleeding ears" when we had our music too loud, when we were young and just would-not-stop-talking or when the cacophony of various teen aged noises reached glass-shattering levels. We, knowing everything as all teenagers do, chalked it up to her just being "old". Especially since mom managed to totally miss repeated requests for cash, sleep overs and car keys.

Little did I know that "bleeding ears" was an inherited gene that I would also get- in spades. Just today I was listening to mommy's little angels going back and forth with "Stop it." "No, you stop it." "You started it." "No, you started it." "No, you did... MOOOOOOMMMM."

I breathed deeply and began by trying to avert their attention: "Hey, guys, what should we have for dinner?"

"Pizza." "No, I don't want pizza. I want tacos." "I don't want tacos, I want pizza." "Mom, she always gets her way. I want tacos..."

I breathed deeply and tried again: "OK, please stop. Let's just listen to the music, okay?"

"Mom, can you turn on the CD?" "No, I want to listen to the radio." "I don't want to listen to the radio. MOOOOMMMM..."

Now, "PTA Mommy" has left the building: "You all STOP! Let's just get home and then we'll decide about dinner."

"Mom, I really wanted pizza." "But I want tacos." "But I want pizza." "You always get your way. I want tacos..."

Suddenly, I turn into my mother: "YOU ALL ARE MAKING MY EARS BLEED!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!"

First, the shock registers on their faces. Then the giggles erupt. Finally- smiles. And just a little glimpse of peace in the car... for now...

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